Publishing a magazine can not only help paper companies get closer to their customers, but showcase their product in the ideal setting. Holmen Paper and Fedrigoni explain why they produce their own publications.

In the latest edition of Holmen Paper’s customer magazine, handily called Paper, there’s a section all about the allure of printed maps and the effect digital mapping is having on our navigation skills. Amongst the fascinating articles on the history of maps and the ability of paper maps to help people understand a city better, journalist Anton Dilber writes: ‘A map should not just be viewed – it should be experienced’.

Holding a copy of Holmen’s magazine, this observation also applies to the company’s range of papers, neatly arranged and bound in an entertaining, sustainable publication. This publication not only provides a way for the Swedish company to keep in touch with key customers such as creatives, publishers and media planners, but allows them to touch and experience Holmen’s paper for far longer than the usual few seconds given to a sample.

“We get a lot of input from our readers saying that the magazine is one of the reasons why they have switched to us”

“We wanted to create a unique experience for customers and stakeholders,” explains André Skagervik, Director Marketing & Communications for Holmen Paper. “The magazine focuses on branding, innovation, sustainability and knowledge, rather than having a direct sales approach.”

Since relaunching two years ago, circulation of the Holmen magazine has risen to over 6,000 subscribers spread across 58 countries. A recent survey found that 64% of readers say the magazine increases their willingness to interact with Holmen Paper, while 77% believe that the publication gives the reader a positive perception of the company.

“We believe that the magazine has a significant long-term effect on our business and brand,” says André. “We get a lot of input from our readers saying that the magazine is one of the reasons why they have switched to us.”

Pulp non-fiction

It’s not just Holmen Paper that publish their own magazine to improve the perception of their company. Created by specialist paper manufacturer Fedrigoni, Pulp is a quarterly publication that’s sent to subscribers in over 60 countries. Published in both English and Italian, the magazine targets designers and creatives with a rich combination of illustration, photography and articles about European artists and designers, perfectly showcasing a selection of Fedrigoni’s high quality papers.

“Pulp gives an insight into what’s happening in the publishing and design market, not just in the UK, but right across Europe,” explains Simon Pilkington, Director of Fedrigoni UK. “The combination of great content and excellent design is what designers really lock onto.”

Like Holmen, Fedrigoni use their magazine to engage with designers and creatives, the people most likely to recommend a certain paper to use for a certain job. But both manufacturers also use their magazine as something to leave with potential customers or partners, a great looking, permanent reminder of the company and their product.

“Using the magazine in client meetings is something we are encouraging more and more,” says André. “Then of course we are able to use it in planning meetings, as well as conferences and events. “For instance, we included the publication and its content as an essential part of a customer magazine event in Sweden earlier this year. The subject was highly appreciated among our participants.”

Reaching the audiences other media cannot reach

Whether it’s used to attract more customers or retain existing ones, it makes sense for a paper manufacturer to create their own magazine, a physical demonstration of their own product. And when you get the perfect combination of engaging content that’s ideal for the audience and paper that’s a delight to touch, it can transform a business.

“Getting every issue right is an ongoing discussion,” says André. “But when it is right, we get a recognition from the readers that helps raise awareness in audiences that we might not reach in other ways.”

Article written by Sam Upton

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