When buying business cards for the first time, it can be difficult to gauge the quantity that you need. This is especially true if you’ve just started your own business, you’re stepping out into marketing your brand for the first time, or you’re buying on behalf of your company.  

Do you need 500 business cards? Maybe 1000 would fit the bill. And what about just printing them yourself? Buying 500 business cards in bulk comes with a number of advantages, which we’ve listed in this article.

You only need one template for 500 business cards

If you’re buying 500 business cards in bulk for several different departments, the last thing you want is for the designs to get mixed up or look off-brand.

Jenny in accounting might accidentally order her whole team the marketing template, and there’s no telling what will happen if a creative gets wind of the idea that they can design their own business card.

Keep things simple and buy in bulk. Sets of 500 business cards work really well for inter-departmental marketing materials.

It’s not too many, and it won’t cost much to reorder if a department runs out. Plus, the templates can be set in advance so that employees don’t start going off-brand.

Make sure that when you send the artwork for your 500 business cards over to your printer, that you consider the following pointers:

  • Make it stand out from the crowd
  • Keep it simple
  • Include the most important facts
  • Put your social media handles on it
  • Choose fonts and colours carefully

Buy 500 business cards and never run out again

You wouldn’t walk into a networking event without a business card. However, some of us are certainly guilty of simply not attending valuable networking events because we’ve run out.

Also buying roller banners in bulk is equally as affordable for the print manager of a corporate firm as it is for a sole trader. In both cases, there are enough print to last at least one networking event.

Plus, having 500 business cards to hand out will encourage you to get out there and get your money’s worth! It might even encourage you to go to an event you would otherwise have skipped.

Buy 500 business cards in bulk and save money

It’s common knowledge that buying in bulk saves money. This will be especially apparent when buying business cards, as you’ll find out quickly if you ever try to order 100 at a time. If you order 500 business cards in bulk, you’ll likely hit the threshold set by the printing company to afford you a bulk-buy discount.

Bulk-buy discounts are a great way to convince your superiors (if you’re the print manager of a company) that buying 500 business cards at once is more cost-effective than buying them in 100-card runs. Plus, if you’re working on your own or in a smaller agency, 500 business cards is more than enough to get the job done, but not too many so you end up with a surplus.