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The carbon footprint of emails

Article taken from The Page Discover the hidden environmental cost of digital communication. New research commissioned by energy company OVO has revealed that sending and receiving emails has a huge carbon footprint, with...

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An Interview with Mark Maslin

Article taken from The Page Professor Mark Maslin, one of the world’s leading experts in global warming, explains the crucial role paper will play in mitigating climate change How can the world reduce its carbon emissions? The...

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Lose print. Lose readers

Article taken from The Page A new study has revealed the impact on readership engagement when a print magazine goes online – and it’s not good. Using examples such as The Independent, researchers found that engagement dropped by...

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High tech, high footprint

One of the biggest media myths is that digital communications has a small carbon footprint. We examine the true environmental cost of technology. Ask anyone, in any industry in any country, what the most environmentally damaging...

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